What I’ve Learned During this Past Year

During this past year, a lot has happened. To the virus, online schooling, BLM protests and so many other things that would take a while to mention. But looking back year ago, I was just another kid advancing to the next grade, excited to make new memories and overall just ready for school but the pandemic happened and that changed everything. I couldn’t meet up with my friends because of social distancing and we couldn’t go outdoors overall unless it was necessary which was socially and mentally draining for me. But, I was surprised that there were so many things you can do while indoors. In my case, I learned how to make a desktop pc from scratch, learned how to play video games well, started to learn how to edit and so much more. Although some of these things may be considered bad, I’m proud of the things I learned to do. So, comparing myself now and myself a year ago, I could say that a lot has changed.

Video that I used while building my desktop computer

This is a gif of one the many games I learned how to play, “Valorant.” (This isn’t the main focus of the game but I thought the gif was too funny not to share. Also, there is a hyperlink below this gif taking you to the Valorant’s Website so that you guys can download this game!)

Riot’s FPS Shooter “Valorant” Download HyperLink: (Click here to visit their website)

Basketball News 4/28

Kevin Love Apologizes for “On Court Tantrum” and says “That Wasn’t Me”

For Basketball News 4/28/2021, Kevin Love apologizes for his lazy inbound play causing a turnover and letting the raptors score a three. He says,” I messed up, Everyone knows that. My intent wasn’t to disrespect the game, my intent wasn’t even for the damn ball to go inbounds. It was a moment that I got caught up in.” (Sources and More Information Below)

Kevin Love’s play to cause a Turnover and then letting the Raptors Score a Three-Pointer (0:05-0:20)

Information Source: Withers, T. (2021, April 28). Cavaliers’ Love Sorry for On-Court Tantrum: ‘That Wasn’t Me’. U.S. News. https://www.usnews.com/news/sports/articles/2021-04-28/cavaliers-love-sorry-for-on-court-tantrum-that-wasnt-me.

Video Source: Raja, O., 2021. (239) House of Highlights – YouTube [Accessed 28 April 2021].